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Case Study- Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Global Windows Ltd are one of the leading manufacturers and providers of high quality windows and doors to consumers and businesses across Yorkshire. Following issues with their previous providers service and level of support, Global Windows quickly realised the impact it was having on their ability to do business. This case study outlines how Wayv have been able to overcome those issues, but in addition provide a system and service, that actually now generates more sales opportunities for Global Windows and presents a far superior image to its existing and potential new customers.

Scroll down to see the video with Global Windows Managing Director, Billy Hawes

Global Windows Ltd originally got in touch with Wayv in 2019 after unfortunately missing out on a large contract opportunity as a result of their phone system being down for almost 24 hours. They decided to look for a new provider, and one that understood the importance of communications to small to medium sized businesses, and who could provide instant service support if and when required.

The day to day nature of Global Windows business means that without telecoms and broadband, their business would essentially stop, therefore the WayvCare package and the KPI's that Wayv operate to were a key factor in Global Windows making the decision to choose Wayv as their next provider. 

Global Windows were now able to benefit from a range of features at no extra cost. They were previously paying £120 a month for on-hold marketing services which was now free of charge, and through the use of mobile apps, effective auto-assistant features and call reporting software, they put themselves in a position in which they never missed a call again, and essentially eliminating the risk of missing out on new business.

The computer integration software that comes as standard with every package, enables staff to click ANY telephone number on their computer, whether it be on google, emails, spread sheets or customer account software, which enabled their sales staff and accounts department to make more calls during the day, generating more opportunities and reducing their debtors.

When Global Windows had their previous telephone system installed they never recieved any formal training, which meant they did not know how to use any features on the system and struggled with the basics when operting it, causing issues for Managing Director Billy Hawes as the staff had questioned his decision to change the system. The formal post installation training, training welcome pack, and YouTube training channel provided by Wayv ensured all the staff had a full understanding of how to use the new system therefore causing no disruption to the business, and a smooth transition to the value adding sysystem provided by Wayv.

Over 2 years into the agreement, Global Windows consider Wayv as valued partner to their business, and one in which they have compete trust in. Watch the latest video with the Global Windows Managing Director Billy Hawes for a full understanding, and how they value the Wayv Care service and support provided by us.

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