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Call Analysis and Data

wayv's intelligence software allows you to see live information relating to the calls your business is making

Call Analysis and Data

wayv's intelligence software allows you to see live information relating to the calls your business is making
Benefits of Call Analysis and Data
Highlight individual, department or location performance against your targets, create automated reports to those who need to know the info, and ensure your business never misses a call again!
Live Intelligent Call Data
See past and live information on all calls to analyse what is going well and what isn't. Helps to motivate staff and target areas for training and improvement.
Work Board Performances
Take the key pieces of information, and present it live to your staff to drive motivation. Enable individuals, departments or sites to see how they performing against each other.
Performance Reporting
Set up scheduled reports so that senior management can see the call performance of the office even when they are not on site, so they are always kept up to date.
Never Miss a Call Again!
If your office has missed a call and hasn't returned it within your preferred time frame, our software will alert you to this, to ensure you aren't missing out on potential new business.
Marketing Analysis
See live information on which marketing strategies are providing your business with the most inbound enquiries, to ensure you are spending money in the right areas.
Wayv Mobile Apps
If you are making calls through the mobile app, this information will also include in your call analysis, showing employees performance even when they're on the move.
Case Study: Professional Services- Finance
Parker Castle Ltd- Financial Advisors
Parker Castle are experienced Financial advisors from Essex, who had already made the switch over to an internet-based telephone system, however, were suffering from drop-outs in service, poor call quality, and a lack of support. In addition, Parker Castle were keen to get more out of their telecoms system in order to benefit the service they provided. Here's how Wayv were able to help....

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Case Study: Industrial Services
Multipack Group Ltd- Contract Packing and Fulfilment
Multipack Group is a Contract Packing and eCommerce fulfilment centre based in Lancashire. Their exciting growth plans included the introduction of a dedicated call centre, and plans to move to new premises in the near future. Having experienced significant issues with their previous provider, they contacted Wayv. Wayv. provided a flexible telecoms solution that added significant value to the customer service they wanted to provide. Here is how Wayv. were able to help.

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