Partnership Delivers Upgrade for Business Centre

Sheffield Business Centre has grown a partnership with Wayv Talk and Broadband for Business to deliver upgraded Gigabit fibre and hybrid working.

To continue to provide businesses located at the Business Centre with the latest technology and services, it was decided that in 2022 the Business Centre would look to upgrade its broadband infrastructure to offer its tenants the very best superfast fibre, and the latest telecoms services that would give its occupants the option of flexible working.

After three successful years of delivering telecommunication services and support to the commercial team at the popular Sheffield Business Centre, Wayv Talk and Broadband for Business were a natural choice to approach to understand their options in upgrading their communication systems.

Dawn Kennedy, Sheffield Business Park’s manager, said: “Our suppliers are integral to the service we deliver to our tenants, and our experience with Wayv has been fantastic, their service and support are exceptional – you only want to build on partnerships like these.

“With the recent addition of their carbon neutral service, all our carbon emissions are offset as standard. We are helping the environment just by choosing them as our provider, so Wayv were the obvious option for us.”

Through understanding the requirements and needs of the Sheffield Business Centre, Wayv put together a package for both the Park and its businesses that captured exactly what they were trying to achieve, at a cost that was financially attractive for all parties.

With the shift towards more hybrid forms of working following COVID-19, the upgrade will allow businesses within the Centre the opportunity to work both faster and smarter.

Dawn added: “We must embrace the way customers want to work now – this is a culture that is here to stay. Providing our businesses with the option to utilise communication tools that will enable them to perform their jobs seamlessly no matter where they work from is essential.

“Businesses that are embracing hybrid working but not providing the right tools to do so will undoubtedly risk missing out on sales, slower service to its customers and poor communication internally.

“The system and service that Wayv provides are excellent – it provides all the flexibility we were looking for and adds huge value. Things like call recording, mobile apps, and professionally recorded on-hold marketing come as standard.”

This opportunity for Wayv Talk and Broadband comes off the back of a record-breaking 2021, in which they saw 75 per cent growth.

Managing director Liam Parnell said: “Our relentless focus on changing the business telecoms industry for the better by providing a trusted, transparent, reliable service in which SMEs can benefit from the excellent system and service benefits that add value to their business at no extra cost.

“In addition, despite the huge price hikes surrounding utilities right now, we’re offering our customers the option to fix their price for up to seven years, which is proving to be extremely beneficial to those businesses that want to know exactly what they are spending with no surprises.”

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