On-Hold Marketing

What is it?

This is the message that your customers hear when they’re on hold. You could be missing out on a key way to share information while you have their full attention!

We have a specialised Wayv Portal where you can personalise this for your audience, including choosing voice, tone, and message… Or even just some music tailored to your customers!

Wayv Talk On hold Marketing Advanced Feature

The Benefits of On-Hold Marketing

Company image

Share any community support, fundraising and news

Recording portal

Personalise your own professionally recorded message

Increase sales

Advertise your latest deals and offerings

Save time

Answer customer questions before they get through

"The customer service is second to none."

Andrew Firbank – The Wheel Surgery

Why you Should Choose Wayv Talk

What makes Wayv Talk special?

Our Dedicated Wayv Care Support
Reliable, expert teams ready to help
Fixed prices for up to 7 years
Services tailored to the needs of SMEs

At No Extra Cost

“We were extremely pleased with the installation of the new system setup without interrupting our normal work processes.

The added facilities within the system which now links into our client management system allows us to dial clients with a simple click onto the computer screen.”

-Parker Castle Ltd

What Is Computer Integration?

Computer integration integrates your business phone systems by allowing employees to complete all phone-related tasks through your computer,…

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