Call Analysis Software

What is it?

Call analysis software is a type of computer program that analyses phone calls to gather information about the conversations that took place.

Adding the call analysis software means you can access the data on both inbound and outbound calls, find out what the most effective actions are, and keep boosting your business!

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The Benefits of Call Analysis Software

Live call data

Receive information in real time

Never miss a call

Get notifications if your missed calls don't receive call backs

Work board transparency

Present live performances to staff to show complete transparency

Performance reporting

Schedule your day around the busiest times

"The customer service is second to none."

Andrew Firbank – The Wheel Surgery

Why you Should Choose Wayv Talk

What makes Wayv Talk special?

Our Dedicated Wayv Care Support
Reliable, expert teams ready to help
Fixed prices for up to 7 years
Services tailored to the needs of SMEs
Male wayv talk employee demonstrating phone system to customer

Fixed Prices, No Hidden Costs

“After having a few bad experiences with companies in the industry adding hidden costs after we signed, it is refreshing to work with an honest, transparent telecoms company whose focus is on looking after its clients”

-Carl Elmer, Sales Director at Multipack Group Ltd

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