The Benefits of Call Recording

Over the past decade, call recording has become really important for business owners. From GDPR law to the reasons your company should have call recording, this blog has you covered. 

The Legal Bits

The RIPA act (2002) outlines all these restrictions, such as that recordings can only be carried out by businesses that are in compliance with Lawful Business Practice Regulations. However, if you aren’t in compliance with lawful regulations whilst your business is recording calls, you’ll potentially land yourself in a sticky legal situation – and you don’t want that to happen! 

Make sure that your call recordings are safe, secure, and kept in-house. Never (under any circumstances) should call recordings be shared outside of work or with non-employees. 

The black and white is, when customers or clients call up your company, they must be clearly informed that they’re being recorded and then asked for their consent in accordance with your privacy policy. If you intend to share any data from your call recordings, customers should be asked for consent regarding this.

The benefits of Call Recording

Improved customer service 

It’s always helpful for training purposes for phone agents to listen to some recordings to make self-improvements and gain insight with real-life examples; reviewing your call recordings is a great way to check that standards are being met. 

Train with real-life examples

Call recordings can be used to train new customer service representatives and to resolve disputes or complaints as you don’t need to leave it up to one word against another – you actually have all the actual words right there to listen back to.

Instant access to important information 

They also can be useful for compliance and quality assurance purposes. Overall, call recordings can provide valuable insights that can help organizations improve their customer service and ensure customer satisfaction. Think you might have missed something? Just have a listen back to the call, and avoid calling the customer back unnecessarily.


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