Using Professional Video Call Backgrounds

A virtual background is an image or video that is used as a backdrop for video calls. It is a fun and easy way to customise your video call experience and set the tone for a friendly conversation.


What are the benefits of using a professional video call background?

1. Professionalism

Using a professional background during video calls allows you to present a friendly, but professional tone. This helps to maintain the level of respect and credibility during the call.

2. Branding

A professional background can also help to establish your brand. It provides an opportunity to establish your business’s identity and emphasise its style and values.

3. Focus

A professional background can help to minimise distractions and keep the focus on the conversation. This can help to ensure a more productive meeting. 

4. Comfort

Using a professional background can help to make a video call more comfortable for both participants. It can help to create a more relaxed atmosphere and ensure the meeting goes smoothly.

Choosing the best virtual background for your calls

When choosing a virtual background for video calls, it is important to select one that reflects your personality and conveys a friendly tone. Consider selecting a background with colours and patterns that are not too busy, as this can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Some things to consider:
     1. Contrast. If you have white hair, using a white background might not be the best choice.
     2. Professional. A virtual background of personal interest probably won’t go in your favour.
     3. Tone. Anything too ‘busy’ can be distracting to other parties.

Wanting to keep it real?

Using a natural, non-distracting background such as a plain wall or an interesting piece of art can help keep the conversation focused on the task at hand. Make sure you’re somewhere well-lit and avoid areas where you might see a messy kitchen or have your household walking around in the background! It’s up to you to really nail your composition.

Where to find free backgrounds:
1. Unsplash
2. Pixabay
3. Pexels
4. Shutterstock

All of these sites offer a wide selection of high-resolution virtual backgrounds for video calls.

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