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Database Integration (CRM)

The Wayv telephone system is compatible with the widest range of database/CRM systems in the industry

Database Integration (CRM)

The Wayv telephone system is compatible with the widest range of database/CRM systems in the industry
Benefits of Integrating your database (CRM) with your phone system.
If your Database/ CRM is at the heart of everything you do, then integrating it with your phone system delivers significant customer service and sales benefits.

On receiving an inbound call, you can see the customer account on your screen before you've even answered the call. the benefits of this in providing quality customer service are endless.
Customer Account Pop-Up
When a call comes in, the customer account will instantly pop up, providing all the information you need to make the most of that call, and provide the best service possible.
Address Book Sync
As your database grows, so will your telephone system address book. Search contacts in your address book and call them instantly, without having to add them in every time.
Click to Dial
When in a customer account, you have the option to click the telephone number and your handset will begin to call, saving significant time throughout the day.
Caller ID Recognition
You will instantly see who's calling on an inbound call, providing you with a few important seconds to think about the call, and present a more professional service.
Case Study: Professional Services- Finance
Parker Castle Ltd- Financial Advisors
Parker Castle are experienced Financial advisors from Essex, who had already made the switch over to an internet-based telephone system, however, were suffering from drop-outs in service, poor call quality, and a lack of support. In addition, Parker Castle were keen to get more out of their telecoms system in order to benefit the service they provided. Here's how Wayv were able to help....

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Case Study: Industrial Services
Multipack Group Ltd- Contract Packing and Fulfilment
Multipack Group is a Contract Packing and eCommerce fulfilment centre based in Lancashire. Their exciting growth plans included the introduction of a dedicated call centre, and plans to move to new premises in the near future. Having experienced significant issues with their previous provider, they contacted Wayv. Wayv. provided a flexible telecoms solution that added significant value to the customer service they wanted to provide. Here is how Wayv. were able to help.

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